Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Empty yourself of your own self

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I met him for the first time eight years back for some investments. A complete man as defined with great personality and brains. We started the professional relationship with a small amount and it stayed there. 2009 financial crises when all investors were running for cover I almost lost 75% of my business.Investors lost faith in financial markets but he continued to have faith in me.

Pulling across with few portfolios where his share was the largest one I started to walk again. In fact his portfolio was like crutches to broken legs.That was the point when I realized trust of a good friend makes one alive again. My profession is now back on track with my professional association growing with him.

The story is about how he started in his life. He was born with a silver spoon with all pampering and financial security. But life takes ugly turns and all disappeared suddenly. Here starts the story of his struggle which cannot be put in few words. A guy whose daily chores were taken care of started working for a small company with mere 500 Rs salary. He had no choice but to give his heart and soul to this small job. Sleeping on the office table making files as a pillow was his lifestyle now. 
But passion pays. He went on to become marketing head in a big company in few years. However his biggest drawback was no professional degree. Promotions were held back as there were professionally qualified people who would never except him as boss. His new journey began. He started to study alongside. Trust me he has maximum number of degrees today including company secretary and CFA.
Highest authority as a CEO of the most prestigious company is where he has reached with high status and financial package.He never lost faith in me even reaching such heights he was still the same person. My highest respect to him because he carries such a humble soul
His life again took a turn five years back but now for better. One day he suddenly realised his purpose of life. That was the start of his spiritual journey. Meditation and self introspection are key part of his life.
He now lives life on his own terms.Riding his favourite bike to enjoying his own company the most.
Trust when I met him why I felt those vibrations. I still hold his success story in my mind and works as inspiration for me when I feel low. His positive vibrations have become part of my soul and I still feel them around me.
He  said" I was blessed to attract all right and positive people at right time"  I feel his positivity attracted that. Wonder what made me attract his professional association. Am blessed to have his portfolio with me and a friend in him
This is what I learnt from him

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." 

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