Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My soul speaks: Let us make India even better

Had heard of cultural exchange programmes by school earlier but never gave it a thought 

As I got the message from school that a boy in early teens is visiting India and shall stay in my house like a family, I had mixed feelings. Feelings " कहाँ फँस गए"  but sometimes excited yet worried 

As the day started to approach nearer getting the room set up to Fresh towels to toilet rolls all acts coming togather. 

On the way to airport wandering how he would be like. Much way ahead and western attitude, arrogant, choosy and throw tantrums around? Will he like vegetarian Indian food ? Will he be fine with health in this pollution and allergies ? And many more.......

First look as he walked out of arrivals something in my heart said " अतिथि देवों भवों" and as we welcomed all children with garlands and tikka the feeling started to grow 

Days started to pass as we and School gave our best efforts so they take home good memories of India. From President House to Taj Mahal to illuminated Rajpath and that ride in rickshaw through lanes of chandni chowk I salute school and teachers to be a big part of this journey 

Never realised when he became a part of me and my family. Talking non stop about him and his country to listening to French music was music to ears. Loved when he enjoyed Bollywood music and appreciating glimpse of Indian wedding 

Today he left and driving him back to airport I experienced wet eyes. Why am I crying?? As he hugged us with tears in his eyes he said " You are my family" and walking away inside airport felt a part of me left me 

His room is empty and sad but filled with memorable moments will stay with me for ever.
I can go on but using this blog to update views of all visitors and may be of use to us in many ways 

Feed back sharing with all readers

  • We love the most in India is people of India. They are very warm and loving. 
But to admit girls in group hated the way many people gave them dirty looks on road
  • The only thing which they didn't like was traffic chaos and pollution 
  • Indian education is as good as French but there the curriculum is reviewed every three to four years. 
Somehow I feel my son is studying same books which I did. Should we not do the same?
  • " We are not silly with money". Was line that touched me the most." Only spend on necessary things and brands last thing on our mind " 
A great message for Rich Indian families loading their kids with money and brands
  • When I apologised for not offering non vegetarian food he said " I realised there is no big deal about non vegan. Vegetarian is good 
Indian liberals protesting beef ban give it a thought 
  • Driving learner license can be issued at age 15 but they need to drive for three years with either parents and then apply for permanent 
  • Permanent test for driving by two people one from government and other private together so that cross check of no corruption 
In India licence reaches home without tests with money 
  • In case of road accident driver has to call police and they reach within one hour with entire forensic team. If someone disabled due to accident by mistake of driver he needs to takes complete financial responsibility for life. If death then strict punishment. 
Reminds you of Salman Khan and recent Audi accident??  We need these rules here 
  • For class XII students three hours of philosophy class mandatory to help them deal in life later. Exactly what I recommended in my blog. 
  • Punishment for wrong behaviour. No sticks or shouting. But simple. Stay back in school for extra three hours of study after school day is over 
Isn't that great. Our teachers either cannot punish in posh schools or break a bone in small areas 
  • After school Government university where they have to enroll all who didn't get admission in private universities for lower grades or economic reasons. 
  • However after first year only merit counted for being promoted further 
Isn't this the best way to fight reservation.? Where all start with equal chance but then their hard work shall count ?
  • Income tax rate 45% with not much of social security. Medical free only in government hospitals with long queues. 
We Indians crying in tax rates?? Tax used to help those without jobs although they feel this is wrong as people stop working. Same story of subsidies in India 
  • Yoga one session and they felt refreshed. On asking they replied yoga available only in gyms. 
Isn't this a big opportunity for our government to export this great indian technique with good teachers and open Yoga institutes all over and earn foreign exchange along with pride 

Training yoga teachers here and tie up with embassy to get them visa to teach there
  • For Higher education either study hard to get scholarship or work part time. Out of the house by age of 22. 
  • We will take care of our old parents. May not be able to live with them but government building apartments for old with nurse at call and other facilities. " We will pay for those apartments and try and spend time with them " 
  • Asked am I rich by your standards. Just check reply " You can eat food what you like and have a house to live in, for me that is rich"   
An Introspection for super rich who feel embarrassed to send their kids in a car less than a BMW 
  • No soda or Coke allowed to be sold in school or nearby. In fact he loved coconut water and fresh juices not even canned. 
We Indians moving towards packed juices full of sugar and frozen food.  

  • Taj Mahal is very beautiful. But the photographer there create a huge menace. The calmness of place is gone. Guide trying his best to speak French but not even near to being classy 

Why not open more institutes in foreign language as this is great skill and help creation of jobs. And photographers be restricted to a particular area 

  • Qutab Minar was like a waste. By banning the entry inside the entire charm is lost. Grills can be put in place to avoid accidents.  Such a beautiful monument wasted with cheap tickets 

Indian heritage must look into this and restore it. Make entry expensive to avoid couples roaming around all day and eve teasers passing time commenting on foreign citizens 

  • When gifted with Bhagwat Geeta he showed the same respect as he does to Holy Bible. Nothing about religious differences

  • Security checks at the time of entering any malls or hotel or Airport was much appreciated by him as even they are facing rapid terror attacks . He admitted this is missing in their country 

They came as french but went back as Indian at heart

Many more interactions. Many more laughs together. Playing video games to badminton. Sack racing or riding a tractors. Ride on an Auto or playing with dogs. All seems like a dream now. 

A life changing experience where a person who doesn't even visits Church often is much more compassionate and loving than religious fundamentalists. 

I still wonder what good deeds did I do to attract such a beautiful soul into my house and in my heart. Or is it my son who is a  blessed soul by God even being an Atheist. Is it really about religion. No it is just simple soul connection may be any religion or caste. World is full of beautiful. people. Just look around 

Felt proud when he said he wants to come to India again and again and again. 

A proud Indian always wanting to make country even better. But today also an emotional soul 🙏


  1. Good evening Madam, I read it entirely,Excellent experience n expression too. Liked it very much and I am sure more such exchange of youth programme needed to forge the friend bond with each other and also the country they belongs to. You doing a great job for our Country.
    All the Best.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Good evening Madam, I read it entirely,Excellent experience n expression too. Liked it very much and I am sure more such exchange of youth programme needed to forge the friend bond with each other and also the country they belongs to. You doing a great job for our Country.
    All the Best.
    Thanks a lot.