Saturday, 18 February 2017

Twitter trolling: An experience to make or break you

This blog is not about statistics. This is the voice of my heart after having moments of joys as well as painful experiences of trolling. To start on a positive note this platform has been a life changing as I gathered beautiful friends and gained huge knowledge reading different views of people on various events.

I was a bindaas person going along with routine of life. Was happy posting pics on Facebook and getting likes. Life was work,family and party. when suddenly one day I just for fun  opened a twitter account. Not even knowing how to tweet, what is #, what is followers and following. 

However was lucky to have a group of friends who guided me whom to follow,how to tweets and troll. I had this hatred towards a particular political party. That was it. All my tweets were directed to troll,insult and abuse them. 

As I slowly moved on unconsciously I started to enjoy this. As my group extended I was advised to follow a a big handle. Yes you guessed it right, Dr Gaurav Pradhan. Reading his tweets I used to feel inspired but never expected a revert from his side.

Although many of his group friends were my friends too but they had suggested me not to expect any revert from him as he has huge followers. Amongst all this I was trolled also some times on small issues and it was this group of friends who came to rescue me. 

But wait what was happening.? Why irritation,hatred,anger became a part of me? Why was I who stopped watching news channels for negativity and was so positive in life, losing it out. Humbleness started to leave me. I started to become a person like "either you agree with me or you are an idiot".Why was I getting so intolerant?It started affecting my family and work.

Then as destiny has all plans, I decided to tweet only positive stuff and decided to spread financial knowledge which is my expertise. No one would read them. I was thrown out of groups where RT vs RT was the rule. So if you do not RT their tweets even if it has abusive and foul language they will not support you.

On the verge of giving up to my surprise I got an RT on my tweets on Brexit and its impact by GPS.That was like a different experience. He admired my knowledge and encouraged me to write more on finance and assured he shall be there to support me.

There was more magic waiting to happen.Finest Economist and a pure soul Mr S Gurumurthy RT my tweets and praised. For me it was like I got a lifetime achievement award. I am sure his blessings are working for me

 And then there was no looking back. In this path I made great friends and they know (Mahinder,Sudhir,Ravijyot) I am writing about them

But wait, why did the close friends of Gaurav Pradhan Sir felt threatened with me? Slowly they start to block me, calling me an ISI mole, AJ mole who is trying to honey trap him. I went into an emotional trauma of self blame and  a feeling of guilt that because of me a group of friends separated for no mistake of mine. 

But then my heart realised was that friendship so fragile that it felt threatened with a newcomer like me. Why was this all happening? While their abuse on me might be justified as their possessiveness for a friend instead all became personal. 

Came down to an extent when sick and sexual remarks started. Few words like CHAMIYA, CONDOM,SEX started to feature. And worst now any one who supported me became the target. 

Worst of all he became a bigger target than me. It hurts me the way he was target as a threat to nation security by the same set of friends who used to worship him before I joined. Are friendships on this virtual platform as fake as fake handles?

Slowly even my subconscious mind started to involve and I became a part to answer back. Swaying between checking handles and then looking to hit back at them ,to quitting Twitter became common with me. With a feel of unease as hatred made in a way into my life. As one says negative emotions are easy to enter our system

Every morning when I shall wake up I shall ask myself "Am I happy ?" No said my heart. What was wrong? I am doing great at work. Blessed with a beautiful family. Have great friends and enjoy good health. So yesterday I sat in front of almighty for help. Power of meditation where you do not speak but let the lord speak to you. 

Trust me I got all answers. Yes it was only me and me responsible for my loss of peace. Why do I need to get affected by negativity. From today I am a different person. I shall continue my support to Mr Narendra Modi and raise my voice against injustice. But not engaging with others who shall learn at some point of time that this hatred and trolling first passes through them before it hurts others.

I also realised that my followers were so positive that instead of abusing people who trolled me they stood by me and supported me. My blessings to all of them and thanks from my heart to stop me to go down a level which I would have regretted later

I have nothing against anyone now. I shall continue with my path. All I can say is that sometimes this virtual world makes us forget our own identity. No.of followers or RT becomes an important part of us. We do not even realise how we slowly start to drift away from our family and real friends. Our behaviour and self worth gets dependent on what notifications we get. Life becomes virtual and virtual world becomes life.

As most of us are born with healthy body but our abusive lifestyle let disease enter , so is our soul. Soul is born with basic qualities of love,peace and positivity but layers of hatred and jealousy destroys it. 

Working in Kitchen we normally keep spices and grocery most needed in front row. Rest occupy the back row. But slowly the back row keeps on slipping and after some time we buy the same stuff not remembering it was already there. The back row is basic quality of soul. But we go outside to temples to search for peace and happiness forgetting as the front row of hatred,jealousy and irritation has overlaped these qualities.

We all get frustrated when we see our MP & MLA behave like goons in parliament. News channels where all guests are shouting at each other not respecting view points of others. Is twitter going that way? Are  we not getting intolerant towards others not sharing same point of view. We can always agree to disagree

If we all have one aim to make India a world power under Mr Narendra Modi leadership can we just be more positive in our approach and support each other. Trust me if he losses 2019 India will be in hands of goons waiting to loot money they lost in demonetisation. Will all of us not shed tears then? Are we waiting for that day to get united?

I can go on and on. But for me I have promised myself I shall not lose my identity behind this virtual world. My wishes to them who feel I am threat to this nation and have extra marital affair with almost anyone and everyone in this world. Wow I must be something special man.

Am pasting this beautiful link on twitter trolling video by Shefali 
Hope she has no objection else I shall delete the same.

I know i will be trolled for writing this also. But I hardly care.

All the characters in this blog are fictitious and resemblance to anyone dead or alive is pure coincidence 😊


  1. Its really great to tead this post mam.
    Have a blessed and balance life.
    God give more strength

  2. Its really great to tead this post mam.
    Have a blessed and balance life.
    God give more strength

  3. This is truly from ur heart...True reflection of a gr8 personality

  4. This is truly from ur heart...True reflection of a gr8 personality

  5. After reading your insightful blog - I am reassessing my twitter strategy and social media virtual relationships.
    Excellent article - written straight from the heart.
    Keep writing such meaningful blog posts.