Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mother 's appeal to our PM

Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Toady I am not writing as a professional or Citizen  This is the voice of an emotional mother in Delhi 

2015 Delhi elections I did may best to convince people to vote for you. But I guess false promises, money and bottle of liquor has more weightage in this country than true work. The result which I was fearing. Aam Aadmi Party, the worst party ever in history of this country won with huge majority.

Being born and brought up in Delhi I have a huge emotional connect to the city. My education and professional upsurge is all for this city. I still remember those peaceful and happy moments in Delhi University outside Shri Ram College of Commerce. I used to come late at nights  after my audits travelling DTC busses with no scare. 

That jogging through the streets and going for picnics in open air. Sitting outside at tea stall and having tea not worried about pollution and health

I am a mother now. Delhi is no more proud capital. Every kid is suffering from allergies and pollution. Our kids are already smoking 8 cigarettes without even touching tobacco. There are traffic jams and pollution all around. Hawker and three wheelers have all rights to occupy roads. The inner circle of connaught place is filled with hawkers and trash all around

My doctor says the children need to have more physical workout and yoga. But where? Even he has no answers. Just check around how many people have resorted to exercise inside closed doors than to expose themselves to this killing air.  While we have options to install air purifiers at home what about schools?

Every three months there is a threat of swine flu, Dengue, or chickenguinea.

Our Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is busy in getting himself heal at Bangalore. But can all of us afford this much time and money?

He is busy campaigning for elections in other states and questioning Army on surgical strikes. He is busy on twitter abusing you and BJP. My house maid has to wake up at 4 at her home as water supply is only from 4AM to 5 AM. 

And we are grasping for breath in traffic jams all we hear on radio is lies by this party for what all they have done.

I do not understand politics but one am sure of one thing. My only option now shall be shift out of this city or may be country. I know it shall be only my loss but am left with no other options. We cannot let our kids breathe this air and do permanent damage to their lungs and immunity system .

India will do very well in economic terms and I am sure will be a world leader. But what will I do with high growth numbers when most of my time is wasted in visiting doctors or fighting the system. I am writing this cause I have lost all hope. I have no expectation from this current AAM Aadmi Part government. 

They are here for their own agenda. And I can tell you if elections in Delhi are held again they will win again. They are slowly converting Delhi to slum capital and their vote bank shall remain intact. It will be too late when people will realise what blunder they committed.

With tears in my eyes i request you with folded hands please look at us in Delhi. Most of families have already moved out and many thinking on same lines. Health is most important to everyone. 

I hope you shall understand my pain and pain of most other mothers whose kids now no more go out to play grounds. Their childhood is lost and youth at risk

PLEASE HELP. Only you can help else I shall have to part with my childhood and find memories of this city



  1. Yes, one solution you mentioned is to move out of city but other is to spread the good work our PM, the role PM has in this city is to select some hard working team for Delhi BJP rather than having some photo suit members there..😢😢

  2. Unless they have a hold on the city we can not expect the changes...

  3. Unless they have a hold on the city we can not expect the changes...

  4. What Modiji alone can do here? Wise people of Delhi have chosen their faith & along with them entire country is suffering!
    My humble request to everyone who is 'shifting' is to settle with only 1 house. This hunger of 'second home', 'real estate investments' & 'showing off' has done immense damage to the environment.