Monday, 27 March 2017

The woman in me

A woman is a blessing of God. She is blessed with natural feelings of warmth, compassion & care. She will go every extra mile to create best for her family 

She as a Mother or daughter or wife shall always keep family first before her. Hands folded in front of almighty shall always ask for health & wealth of family before her own desires. 

And so the creator gave her this right to create. She gives birth to a soul feeling the same months before anyone sees the body. She feeds the soul with a part of her & forgoes her ambitions. Family dreams & fortunes are now her dreams. 

While all this is is so true recently I have seen & experienced other side of this. I might be wrong but these are only my feelings & nothing to hurt others. 

For this my small background. When I joined CA I was one of rare females. Travelling in crowded blue line buses to third class trains. Using toilet meant for Man as most offices did not have separate to taking on eve teasers on road coming back late at night after audits. 

The blog will go very long so just bullets as food for thought for other perspective on my own gender 

  • Surprised these days a woman complaints of office harassment months & years after incidents. Raises serious doubts on credibility. Why not immediate??

  • Use laws in her favour & section 49 A to manipulate in laws & partner & extract maximum benefits 

  • Eve teasing has been made a big issue. But I ask the woman brigade don't they admire guys & sometimes message them to be friends with them?? 

  • A woman would dress up to be complimented by everyone including men ( most important). But if her husband compliments another lady then he is a casanova 

  • She shall want all space in her life & if the partner ask her questions he is termed as outdated. But if she does that then that's her right 

  • She will sacrifice her carrier & pleasures for her kids. But equally burden them later with emotional black mail & guilt. Poor child. When did he ask you to do all this for him?

  • If a woman flirts with a man she is modern & liberated but if a man does the same he is shame on society. 

  • They will fast on their own will for long life & happiness of their husbands. But equally burden the poor guy for inconvenience she is feeling. Then why fast? Did he force you?

  • She will claim equality but shall be quick to grab ladies seat in Metro or quota in jobs. 

  • Getting into live in relationships knowing consequences very well but then take up to law if the relationship fails. Was she forced at gunpoint for live in?

  • Marital rape if woman not ready for the Act. What if it is other way round? If man doesn't want to? Does he have guts to say no. Or he will be dragged to court as impotent. 

Wake up such liberated women. Liberation is in mind not on media. When you are doing things for your family they are for your happiness not their 

Didn't you feel happy holding your new born. To be around him. Seeing him grow up. His smiles experiencing his heart beat. 

But then try to claim ownership on their better half & children is uncalled for. Let this relationship be unconditional. Stop burdening your children with guilt if they decide to fly away from your nest. 

Please stop emotional & mental torture of your partners in name of possessiveness & love. Trust them. Let not your insecurities make them run away from you. 

Is there any point that your partner is physically with you but emotionally with someone else. How beautiful it will be if it is other way round 

Stop looking for short term fame by going to media on small issues. Fight for yourself. If you consider yourself equal then prove it 

Consider your kids as souls you got into this world. Let them decide their journey. Just be their guide & mentor. Someone they can look up to. No conditions imposed. 

These are my thoughts & nothing to demean anyone. 

I love myself to be born as woman. 


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  2. Excellent one. Woman brought men to this world and is the reason for his happiness (miseries too!) but a man's life always revolves around her!

  3. Beautiful thoughts. As a woman I agree with you totally. Wish the so called intellectuals and mahila morcha ppl could also understand this. It's high time women stop misusing their rights. If we believe we are equal then why expect special treatment and privileges? Kudos to you for writing this.

  4. Thanks for being vocal on prevailing situation. Mam, today in the name of equality so called pseudo feminists are demanding special privileges. Mam there are lot of examples of gender biased laws which are suppressed by PIMPs. But we are forgetting that in the name of feminism, we are ignoring the other gender MALE. Actually, men are being oppressed. There are number of laws like IPC 498A, 354, 509, 375, 376, 496, PWDVA, Protection of women against sexual harassment at workplace. In all of the above bullet points in your blog talks about the sections i have mentioned. Story doesn't end here. Our family laws are also draconian. When we say women are equal, then why family law puts onus of maintaining wife on husband. I really don't understand this hypocrisy.

    Today, there are thousands of NGOs for women. They loot lot of money from Ministry of women n children. Time has come to stand by men who falsely implicated in gender biased laws skewed towards women.

    If men are oppressed by such gender biased laws, then men will not get married. If that happens then it will destroy our hindu culture. Today in our own country we 79%, with coming time we will shrink fast. Coming days for our next generation are dangerous!

    There are lot points i can talk about hypocrisy of earlier govt, law makers who have made all efforts to destroy the Indian Family Culture! But i think I should stop...

    Jai Hind!


  5. The lady's perspective. Really great and u have coVerde every area. Great job.

  6. You have just unmasked the Persona of Modern(Sic) Women

  7. Hats up mam,for your guts to say these truths......

  8. Truth is truth..whether people agree or not..courage needed to say it louder against a mass(feminist).

  9. I was born out of a women and I call her my mother. Raised along 2 girls in family who r my sisters. Grew up as Hindu, worshipping Goddess, again women power. Whereas women like Manthra and Surpanakha are denounced for their characters.
    I want to say, it's not gender which makes u especial but it's your character which makes you especial.
    Ironically today many so called women are taking undue advantage of law/498 and men have become victim of it.
    Agree or Disagree but it's my opinion.
    Regards Rohit Upadhyaya.

  10. You hv brought out often overlooked aspect of women. Bur let me also tell you such manipulators are may be one infew thousands. Such women are the ones who have understood psychology well and are using it as a force multiplier. This is when most other women are busy proving the fact, that they are blessing to mankind from God by their selfless acts for the family.

  11. I am so glad to know this aspect of you and my respect for you only grows more. I am sure this will inspire many girl's and women to hold their head high and feel proud of being a women. This blog also encourages men to see the less appreciated side of women. It reflects on your upbringing to for which I convey my sincere regards to your parents who have made a wonderful person out of you.

  12. Do agree with you.i have seen women playing their cards . Where as there are men who play their cards pretty well.there are certain characters which are constitutionally built up in both men n women . There is nothing to comment as black mailing or complaining still I perceive ur comments as purely subjective .
    Most often silent sacrifices are unnoticed so probably some women choose to tell it out loudly .

  13. It's 498a in the 2nd point, not 49.good article.

  14. Ur rite in many ways bt i dnt think eve teasing shd b trivialised.iv heard men saying thngs to me on the road whch i cant evn repeat to myslf they r tht is a tradition in our country to stare at women evn if they are decently attired and pass lewd comments.newspapers everyday report pervert atrocities against 3 or 6 year old children. Before passing judgement against women lets try m educate men to behave themselves

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