Monday, 22 May 2017

Exchange Program: Uniting the World

Cultural exchange program where one pure soul from France stayed with us for 10 days like a family & left tears & memories when he left. Now it was my turn to send my precious friend, son & companion to their house 

As he left from the airport bidding goodbye there were tears & also fear. Fear for he was going to a new place without family. "Oh he is grown up. Come on let him fly" one part of my heart said. "But will he be fine? What about his food & health " mother inside me argued 

Then I remembered how the French guy ( don't want to name) had become our family and my soul whispered " Don't worry. He is going to a great family. The guy was a gem & so would be his family ". And I was fine 

Days passed. Surprisingly this hyper mother didn't call the son every now & then to check. Somehow the soul connection made seemed permanent. No worry. There was a sense of security & calm. My soul was so sure that he is as good or even better than he is here. 

And it really happened. As he arrived last night all he had was tears in his eyes of separation from these beautiful people & memories of them which will last life long. 

They made him swim in pool heated specially for him. Took him out for dinner at best places. Motocross bike ride. Amusement park. Gym. Video games, football match live in stadium .......unending list. They took great care of offering him all vegetarian food & best of fruits & juices. I can go on & on. 

After this cultural exchange my thought process has further strengthened. All souls are beautiful. Just look around. I am really blessed to have this beautiful French family in my life now.  

Why do we judge people by their nationality & religion. Religion is there to bind us not separate. This beautiful Christian family speaks volumes about humanity & love in this world. It may be Lord Rama or Jesus we all are creation of almighty. 

Through this blog I want to thank them all for taking care of my son more than me. I know thank you is a very small word to express my feelings. My blessings that may God always shower happiness on them. Every beat of my heart bless them with good health, success & peace. 

I look forward to meet them when I am in France & more so to host them in my house on their visit to India. This bond is permanent now. Glued & sealed 

Few take away from French system 

  • No school dress compulsory 
  • The students visit the teachers to their classes rather than teacher running from one class to other
  • Not only three streams but many more like music, psychology & many other skill development. 
  • The school gates open all the time. Trust no student miss the class. This is human psychology. You want to break rules if tied. Left free the urge goes away 
  • As usual no pollution. No Eve teasing. 
  • Small city away from Paris but well equipped with excellent public transport, education & health care 
  • Curriculum revised every three years to upgrade the books with latest syllabus 
  • The gifts. Wow. They have gifted me my favourite red wines. And then above that a beautiful silver bracelet. 

I do not know how will I pay back for so much love. But hurts when I read people on social media abusing each other on basis of religion. Calling Christians & Islam as enemy of Hindus. Why??? Have they experienced them?

I have. And I proudly say any religion in the world is not above humanity. And those who stick labels of religion on their foreheads have forgotten humanity long back. 

My gratitude to French and Indian Authorities for such remarkable initiatives. Takes the confidence level high and broadens the outlook towards this beautifyl world.

Special Thanks to teachers from India who accompanied them and took care of our kids like their own.

I can go on. But will end with a big invisible hug to all members of this warm family. My best wishes to them. 


  1. I also used to wonder why there is so much conflict between Hindus and Muslims and christians and I spent days talking to my contacts around the world across all religion (this happened 8 months back). I realized few things:

    1. Hindus across sect speak against injustice for example if there is a murder by some Hindu fringe group you would see Hindus standing in front and condemning it, but at the same time if it was a Muslim or Christian group, I don't see the moderate voices from the community condemning it.

    2. By far the word secularism has been misused in our country by political party. I recently saw a video where missionary group was talking to Indian pastor and he said during INC conversion was easy as govt gave them freehand and I was zapped????

    3. Generally people don't have problem with people from other group but I think it's the experience which we go through makes our opinion.
    I had this classmate in my college days, who was a Muslim and we used to celebrate all festivals together. I lost touch with him for years. Then I met him last year on a wedding. We connected and we went on a trip with common friends some 6 months back. For some reason the topic of Kashmir came and I saw his face change and his demeanor change. His opinions were hard hitting - anti India. He spoke of caliphate. I was zapped.
    How did he change, why is he anti India?? These question ring in my head even now..... but my relationship with him changed for ever.

    To conclude - for a society to prosper and co exist there has to be a mindset of acceptance. Acceptance of who you are and who other person is. And this has to be both ways, it cannot be one way.

  2. if dress code has no rules, why there was big news on France prohibiting students wearing head curfs (the muslim girls)