Sunday, 23 July 2017

From page 3 to human

Yesterday evening gave me few jitters. Trying to introspect "Have Me and my spouse become alien"

I was a party lover. But more recently enjoyed company of close friends over weekend where you laugh and share great moments. Most of invitations I used to decline on one or the other excuse. I myself didn't know why I did so but something inside me always stopped me

But yesterday evening was different. An invitation I had to accept. As we moved in some snacks were offered by the host. My Spouse who left dairy products, wheat and already a vegetarian just asked of curiosity " what is this made of "

Everyone asked why. As he moved on telling the reasons he asked a diabetic there to watch the documentary " what the health " which exposes nexus of pharma, doctors and politicians and how they play with human health. That was it. " How can you say that ? All these things are fake. Dr Hegde is absolutely rubbish" Shouted a guy who was apparently a doctor.

 I asked him Sir why doctors prescribe antibiotics & inhalers so liberally when same can be cured by exercise and yoga. But he became a doctor defender rather than answering. Anyways thinking this topic has sparked controversy I ended there

Then they started discussing " you know that guy is corrupt. His wife goes to Emporio every day & spends 10 lacs ". Surprised my spouse asked " even if one wants on what will you spend so much ? 

They answered looking at both of us " you guys don't use brands so u are unaware how expensive they are " We were taken aback. " see this LV bag costed me 5 lacs"  we both looked at each other with a smile. Looked like bag became her identity

Then all started to abuse Mr Modi. " he is a pathetic guy". My spouse asked why you saying so. " how much loss we incurred on demonetisation you know". I asked her so you hate the guy coz he is after black money? " you don't know how much black money he has " she lost her cool. Thinking this discussion going on wrong side I again sat quietly

Then a CA who knew me there interrupting " I read your blog and tweets about Chartered Accountants. They are not corrupt ". I said " Then why banks are sitting on so many NPA which has pulled down our country, I asked. " That I do not know" he moved away

Then they started talking of marriage in family & how many lacs a consultant is charging only as fees. " Why don't you have a simple party and call all near & dear ones" I advised.

" Where will we spend so much money we have if not here? We have earned it and it is for us. What will everyone think of our status?"  She replied. Inside I thought help a poor family, dying farmers, go outside AIMS where people sitting on foot paths as they don't have money to get in. But I realised soon enough there is no point in giving my views.

Bored to death we made some excuse and moved out.

 We knew the same thoughts were crossing our minds

" Have we changed and moved away from real world" ?

" Are we losing out on social circle we enjoyed for years"

" Who has brought this change? Age? No coz all were either our age or alder to us"

" Then what? Why we feel lonely in this crowd of parties"

It was raining and a poor guy holding his umbrella knocked on our car window. He was selling a toy. "So late at night in this heavy rain he working ". My spouse bought all his toys at price he asked.

Suddenly there was a spark on our face. All the negativity went away

And yes we both got the answer.

We are becoming more human. So feeling alienated from the world of "Me, myself and money"

We have realised the true joy of life is giving. Spending time with friends you can relate and travel to know people around the world. Helping other humans  

Still away from our goal but the process has started. How, when and why only destiny knows 

Finally we are rediscovering ourselves. Gratitude to Almighty. 


  1. Beautiful thoughts..You're growing spiritually and mentally..A sign that you're evolving..Keep learning and growing and do share your wisdom..It might just spark something into your reader's lives too..Thanks for sharing this !

  2. Great thoughts & self realization. Good read & motivation for action.

  3. Wow....I think the underlying point is "you are contended" with your life. You have earned enough money, status etc.. which we normally thrive for. Now it's about contributing, sharing.

  4. Very good article though i m also jain i say you you are going to become a more human which is our real religious teaching to live a life

  5. There are very few people like you. But, there are people like you. please keep teaching us . Thanks

  6. This is which I call humbleness.

  7. Very well expressed. Is our culture winning ?

  8. Simple... Yes, simple living high thinking;an age old adage, but still valid in today's world of hypocrisy ..

  9. Great Renukaji. You have described my situation

  10. Quite true.Well as a doctor I do tell my patient to go for yoga but at times they come in such bad state that nebulisation and inhalers are required for acute phase.Dr.Alok Jain

  11. God bless u and may His grace on you only grow more.