Thursday, 27 July 2017

Police: harassment or support ?

It was around 2 in afternoon when my hubby had an urgent work & wanted to take out his car. As he approached there was a car parked on the gate hence impossible to take out his car. He waited & waited losing his patience. Then came a lady who had parked the car & very casually sat inside. He confronted her as to how she can park the car on gate ?

Then the verbal abuse started. Amazingly instead of apologising she started shouting. As it haoiens there was war of words. Then she said I had told the  guard that I am parking it here which the guard denied. I tried to handle but her abuses went non stop

I as a human also told her now we need to call police. She tried to run away. But as I tried to stop her she scratched my arms & hands with her nails & it started to bleed. That was it and we called the police. She trying to act smarter also called police. After 45 minutes police came and asked us to come to saket police station.

As soon as we reached we realised that they had already played some game. Anyways we wrote the complaint which even they did. I told police I need to get Medical report for her injuries
The police first trying to discourage me said you will have to go to AIIMS which is 10 km one way. I said fine I will not back out

We asked them to send a constable with us. But he said it is not required and we will collect report on our own. When leaving the police guy called me and said ask your husband to apologise else he will land in trouble as other party is female. I said even I am a woman

Sitting in car I told my hubby let it be. Let's finish this case here. We have more important work to do    
We again went inside & spoke to the couple that it is waste of time let's end the case here. But the woman was relentless & said I will make sure I teach you guys a lesson. I was shocked. I was one who got injured. She was one who did mistake yet she was sounding like law is on her pocket. That raised doubts in our mind.

Reaching AIIMS the guy refused to give me medical report that a constable has to accompany me. We kept on calling the police guy but he did not take our call. Frustrated we went back to Saket police station but this time we decided to record all conversation. Strange enough the couple was still sitting in police station as if they knew all there & were planning something big

On confronting the police officer why he did not sent constable with us he first denied there was any need but then admitted & then started misbehaving. Fortunately we recorded all this on video camera.  When he realised this it looked as if all colour of his face went away. We realised he actually did not want us to get medical report as this would have made case in our favour.

We then asked him copy of our complaint for which he took one hour. Hesitating & trying to evade. All this is on video. They treated us badly and was apparently clear that they had decided to protect other side.

After taking the copy of report I went to a private nursing home to get my report done.

Now this is state of affairs of police station. Harassment & no help. One who has contacts wins it all. I will not be surprised if she will lodge a case of sexual assault on my hubby as our laws favour only woman even she lying & cunning

Will post video clips soon.

I ask HMO India is this the way a common citizen is treated who has no contacts? Is police only for VIP & people who can bribe them? No wonder poor do not get justice in their life time. The entire police station knows I have their video. Going by their behaviour I am scared they might try to hurt me and my family

No words. Completely disgusted. When guys who have to protect us act otherwise only God can save us

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