Wednesday, 1 March 2017

An open letter to our prime minister

Dear Prime Minister.

I saw your pics today & respect your humbleness even when you are abused day in and out. I have huge respect for you and you are an inspiration to many. Self made, fighting all odds from being called " maut ka saudagar'' to being a world most followed leader. 

The risk of Surgical strikes where opposition did not spare you asking for proof, god forbid if it had been a failure. Demonetisation where 38 leading economists of the world discounted India for next one year, forget the likes of P Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh and many more who had hidden agenda. Today you stand tall with GDP on track and economists running for cover.

This letter is from an ordinary citizen who is in pain today. Pained to see Anti national slogans being glorified in name of freedom of speech. Pained to see the same Delhi university which gave foundation to my carrier debating how Army rapes woman. Pained to see a girl Gurmehar Kaur occupies three days in media when a martyred Jawan not even five minutes. 

When one runs away from news and you switch on FM all you hear every five minutes are lies of Arvind Kejriwal. How he has created Singapore out of Delhi when everyone knows the truth. Switch off the radio and plan a drive. The traffic chaos and pollution will bring you back home coughing. And then when one goes on Social media you find abuses and trolling. 

You are planning to bring citizens under Income tax net and rightly so. Everyone needs to pay taxes as their duty towards nation. A company is required to give every detail to last rupee how much money earned and spent. But what about political parties? I have to file an RTI to get their balance sheet? which also may not be available.  

Whenever I see full newspaper page advertisement of AAM Aadmi Party and every 15 minutes on Fm channels I feel as if my hard earned money is being burnt in bonfire. Along with my tax money burnt are dreams of lacs of those poor who still dream of false promises being fulfilled. 

If I am expected to pay taxes then I have all rights to know where they are being used, Why it is not available online like any other company information on ROC?  When I advertise my brand I pay out of my pocket. Then who gives political parties to advertise using tax payer money? 

Companies like infosys are under scanner for high payments to management. But at least they manage, But why I have to approach RTI and risk my life to Know how much our MLA & MP splurging on my money?

Theses thoughts have crossed my mind for years. when is see small children begging on streets even after 60 years of independence. When I see criminals fighting elections as proxy. When I see a old woman sleeping on footpath who was promised an old age home. When I see poor struggling at government hospitals and Chief ministers spending lacs at Jindal in Bangalore,

I am writing for first time as I feel you shall be able to understand my pain. I request you with folded hands to bing about a change so that I pay taxes with positivity and not out of compulsion. You and you are the only hope for me. I might get trolled but I can relate with you coz I share the same modest background as yours.

An ordinary citizen

Renuka Jain


  1. Renukaji,
    Good points made. However there are many spelling mistakes that are not pardonable from a professional like you (sample: 'carrier' instead of 'career'). You need to proof read proor to posting.

    1. Spelling mistake in ur response as well... prior for proor... hmmm.. i would rather concentrate on the content

    2. That are ???? Hello you grammar nazi, read the essence. Even your article of 4 lines is full mistakes and you are correcting others ?? Lol.

  2. Renukaji, Well written.Confident that Namo will read and acknowledge.

  3. Thanks for sharing "our thoughts" as well ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  4. Mr. Subbaraman Pls read the content and stop being a English school teacher. Dont write something just because you want your name in comments.

    1. Thank you Guruji for the gyan. I highlighted it only because she enjoys a wide audience and not to see my name here unlike you.

    2. Thanks for being so thoughtful for Renukaji. Her wide audience are mature enough to understand the content and not do proof reading for her.

  5. Thanks Renukaji for this. India needs more economic observers like you.

  6. I have another question to add to your open letter to PM. Why my tax money is used to support, subsidize, safeguard, anti national elements from Huriyat to JNU students etc. Why should I bear that burden? I am more than happy when used for constructive programmes, I accept it has to be used for paying salaries for civil servants, I object when it's siphoned of by the corrupt and I am outrageously angry when it's used for security to Huriyat separatists, when subsiding students who shout about breaking the country, when it's given to other States whose " rulers" divide the country for petty personal gains. I think I reflect the sentiment of huge majority of the population. Provide us a method of withholding, may be a small fraction, of taxes as protest.